Friday, 27 January 2012

Oh blessed day!!

My Kindle arrived!!! Happy times ^.^

No more big pile of books next to my bed. Ok, so that's an outright lie but I'm still delighted.

Thanks Mum, best birthday present ever.

In other news - I'm making great progress on Feed. It may be just another zombie book but it portrays zombies for what they are supposed to be, flesh eating dead people. Doesn't glamourise them at all. Zombies are not our friends and someone really ought to tell Laurell K. Hamilton this little fact. I'll add Stephanie Myer into this category too since both she and Hamilton glamourise other nasties like vampires.

They're supposed to be evil and not one of them is supposed to be friendly! Zombies and vampires aren't pretty and I'm tired of books that say they are. Liars!!

Ok rant over, I'm off to spend money at the kindle store.

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