Sunday, 13 May 2012

Maybe all I need is bad weather!

Since my last update I've not had much chance to read.

So much has happened. I moved from a very deprived part of My city to one of the most sought after areas in the city. It's absolutely beautiful in the new area, with everything I could want (stores, cafes, restaurants, delis) right on my doorstep.

Work has been good, busy and getting busier. Never a dull moment and something new every day.

I had planned on curling up with my kindle on the train to Edinburgh on a trip to the second annual tattoo convention. But ended up chatting to a friend all the way there. She introduced me to her tattoo artist who has shading without borders down to a T!

Not a week goes by where I don't have an adventure now.

Last week, my Mum came for a visit. We live so far apart that we can't just visit each other for a chat and a cup of tea. That alone would require an over night stay. So I took some time out to show her around.

Shopping was done as well. She needed jeans, I needed jeans and I remembered that my brother had said he needed some as well. So weighed down with plenty of denim we made for the subway. I didn't know at the time but it was her first time on the subway. Milestone reached! Lol

Previous to Mum's visit I had been cat sitting for three special cats. The old moggy who was originally found as a stray on the street I now live on, many many years ago. Then a large Burman who has the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen and the softest fur I've ever touched. And the crazy Norwegian Forest Cat - probably the only one of the cats I am acquainted with to have been a successful show cat.

Ok, so they're not special to anyone other than the people that know them and their huge personalities, but special enough to mention!

And the week before I was at a champagne reception thing at a store and came away with freebies probably worth more than I spent. Result.

So with all these distractions I'm not surprised that I'm well behind on my still growing reading list.

The next couple of weeks could put a halt to that. I need to concentrate on my work but if this May is going to be a repeat of last May, we're in for some cold, wet and windy weather. At least one person tragically died in my area when a falling tree hit his car during the May storms last year. I sincerely hope there isn't a repeat of events this year but the poor weather is great for putting the kettle on and devouring a good book or two and that is what I intend to do.