Saturday, 19 November 2011

Well, last week was very emotional!

Nicky passed away peacefully with the help of a vet on Monday morning.

While I am devastated about the cancer that caused us to have him put to sleep I am so glad that he isn't suffering.  Thanks to Scottish law being so much better than English law, he's not at rest in my grandparents back garden.  Close to his favourite tree which he loved to sit in and next to a sizeable vegetable patch so he can continue to watch ovr my grandfather working in the garden.

On with the books!

"Don't Blink" by James Patterson.  Now I read this in around 2 and a half days which is frustrating as it's JP after all, and I usually read one of his books much quicker than that.  But I guess I had a lot on my mind this time around.

While visiting the 'homeland', my grandmother gave me several more books.  And tried to get me to take the other book which I had already bought at the trainstation on my way North in the two for one offer or whatever that I got at the same time as the JP.  I have no need for two coppies of the same book, do I!?

The one book that I couldn't say no to my grandmother on when she tried to 'de-clutter' onto me (if that makes any sense) is one that I've been trying to get my hands on for a while now;

"The Black House" by Peter May.

It's about a cop that's sent from Edinburgh to the Isle of Lewis to investigate a murder.  The Main character is called Fin and "The Black House" is about his life, the investigation and his past - growing up in the small island community that is Lewis.

The part of the book (about half way through) that I'm at just now is a very descriptive account of the guga hunt that happens every year.  Only the men of Ness do this strange hunt.  A crew of 12 men leave the Isle of Lewis for two weeks to live on a small uninhabited 'piece of rock' island and hunt the young gannets.  It's a tradition that I understand has continued for longer than anyone alive can remember.  I don't know the full history of this though.  I may be Scottish but I'm a Highlander and not an Islander.

And while I haven't tasted the Hebridean 'delicacy' of guga - I have no desire to try to get my hands on a bird.  I understand that it's an acquired taste and I'm happy to stick with my haggis, thank you very much!!

There have been a few mentions of the city that I live work and play in though I'm hoping that we hear a little more of Fin's adventures while he studied in this fine city.

So far I'm really enjoying this book and as it is I'm looking forward to curling up in bed tonight to read a few more pages.  I wouldn't be surprised if I read too late and sleep in tomorrow morning as I would certainly describe this one as a page turner.

Far from finishing this book but I anticipate that I'll be quite excited to get my little mitts on a copy of the sequel which is due to hit the shelves in February 2012 and titled "The Lewis Man".   I have so many books to read before then though that I will no doubt be kept very entertained until then.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Forgetting the book.

I should be shot!

As the title of this post suggests, I've forgotten to grab my book on my way out. It's not like I can just pop back for it though. I'm currently on a train to the beautiful Highlands to see my family.

The plan was to read 'New York' for the duration of my trip. Sadly I can't do that now. And I'm going to blame the taxi driver who picked me up for this. He arrives early then has the audacity to lean on his horn so impatiently. I got to the taxi and he didn't even notice me standing there with my suitcase in hand. Jerk! But I'm probably only being mean about him because I am quite disappointed in myself for leaving New York behind.

Thank goodness for W. H. Smith! Bought two books I wouldn't have had I remembered to pack the big apple. I should be happier right now, right? I mean, I've just done bought books - the best form of retail therapy there is IMO. Not to mention that thanks to me being in the reservations section of the train I'm not going to go hungry. Until I change trains in Inverness I have access to the trolley service. Yay!

Maybe I'm just not being too happy just now because I don't want to be going north for the reason that I am.

When I moved to the city I re-homed my cat with my grandparents. Every morning that I wake up to my alarm I think of him. Nicky used to be my furry alarm clock every morning. He'd shove his paws in my face at some unearthly hour. Not to be fed, not to go out but just because he wanted me to be awake. I guess it's his way of saying "hey, I feel a little lonely. Please keep me company"

Well anyway, a little while I got a call from my grandmother to say that the vet found a lump which seems cancerous. So I want to say my goodbyes to him. That cat got me through some tough times. I had planned on getting a dog but I couldn't guarantee that I would be able to take care of a dog so well because I had just been told that I had bowel cancer. I didn't though. I thank God every day that the doctor was wrong. But that's why I got Nicky instead of a dog.

Last night I got a message on Facebook from my sister telling me that Nicky is worse. I'm almost afraid to see him.

I hope that the books I bought are good enough to immerse myself in and get my mind off things.

Will 'Don't Blink' by James Patterson do the job? I'll let you know!