Monday, 30 January 2012

Feed Review

Well, I finished reading "Feed" by Mira Grant in the early hours of Saturday morning.  I just couldn't put it down!

I was asked a few times what it was about while I was reading it and when I replied, "Zombies!" I was usually met with a groan from my questioner.

"No, no, not one of those silly 'zombies have thoughts and feelings' type books, actual proper zombies!" was what my usual reply was.  These are zombies that want to eat your flesh, that groan and moan and if they bite you you're a gonner... either they eat you alive or they bite and you turn into one.  Yes REAL zombies.

Really, the book as the blurb says follows a group of bloggers.  They report the news, they have a multitude of footage and one of them even likes to go poking these zombies with a stick.

These bloggers are 'out there', living an exciting life while many of the world are cooped up inside trying to find ways to deal with their cabin fever because they're too afraid to go out into the big bad zombie ridden world.

This life of excitement is clearly not without danger - and thanks to the type of danger, tragedy.  There was one part of the book towards the end where I wanted to cry out and scream, "NO!!!  You zombie mother-f..."

I enjoyed the way the characters were developed.  I went from thinking that they were stupid kids just out to get their kicks in the opening scenes to thinking quite early on in the book that these people were brave given the circumstances.

I'm not sure how I will like the sequal, but I'm keen to read it.  The end of Feed was great, it was nicely wrapped up so I feel like I've read a good story without feeling like I need to read on to find out how it ends.

I originally decided I hated zombie books thanks to the 'Anita Blake vampire hunter novels' that Hamilton is churning out at a rather blaze pace.  Hamilton glamorises the zombies in her novels and makes them friendly creatures while Grant keeps it real as it were.  I now feel like I really might enjoy World War Z.

Yes, it's on my to-read list but only because I feel like I'd rather read it before I watch the movie, and only felt like I should watch the movie because some of it was filmed in the city I live in - less than a 30 minute walk from where I was living at the time (and still do live, for another week or so).

In all I gave this book a rating of 4 out of 5.  It would have been a 5 had I felt that the second book is going to be as exciting as the first, I did like the way it was neatly wrapped up but it doesn't hold much promise for the next.

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